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Minivan class

*The price from 11 euro per day (VAT included) is valid for 30 day rentals between 1st October and 31st March.

Category description

Category Minivan includes bigger family cars for rent. They are very liked and preferred because of their design, spacious cabin - up to 7 passengers and large trunk. Renting a minivan guarantees comfort and safe driving.

The Minivan cars are built on the platform of standard vehicle construction but have higher size cabing for up to 7 passengers and many additional extras. This car class combines two convenience from smaller economy car and the functionality of the estate cars.


Are you looking for 7 seater car hire with large trunk? Rent a car from Minivan category which will cover all your requirements. The additional extras as air condition, spacious cabin and audio increase the comfort especially on longer trips.

The pluses of this class are many - great appearance, spacious cabin, and reliable and secure road handling. The overall design of the available for hire minivans is very good - the used materials are high quality.

Choose some of this minivans with good engine and transmission available for hire from LowCostCars. The fuel consumption is reasonable for 7 seater family car and the driving comfort is very good.


Make Opel Zafira or similar Seats 7
Coupe type Minivan Transmission Manual
Doorsи 5 Fuel Diesel/Gasoline

Vehicles from this category

Галерия Opel Zafira

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