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General information about Bankya

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The city of Bankya is an attractive tourist destination not only for citizens from the capital and other parts of Bulgaria, but also for foreigners. Bankya is easy to be visited by car hire from Sofia – only 17 km. The distance from our office ( 140 Mimi Balkanska) is about 27 km depending on the route you choose. Bankya is located near Lyulin Mountain which makes it preferable destination for mountain trails. The biggest attraction are the mineral springs and SPA resorts. Bankya is also well known brand for drinking mineral water, the name of the town means “small bath”.

Tourist sites and events in Bankya

Roman excavation

You can visit archaeological excavation (buildings, jewelry etc.) in Bankya from Roman times and the roman influence on our lands.

The Large and the Small bath

The Small was the first one built in the 20-the century and few years latter was built the Large bath – a symbol of Bankya.


In the middle of July this holiday is celebrated in three days (15,16,17 of July). Traditionally the people are getting into the healing mud for health and long life.

Famous churches and Temples

  • Martyrs Kirik and Julita”
  • St. Cyril and Methodius
  • “All Saints”
  • “St. Petka” – Klissura village
  • Divotinski

The best hotels in Bankya

  • Bankya Palace
  • Harmony Bankya
  • Family Hotel Emaly 1
  • Druzhba Hotel

Car hire in Bankya

If you plan to visit Bankya and have not yet booked your car, you can do so by using our reservations form. If you are traveling from Sofia, you can rent your car from our office (140 Mimi Balkanska str.)

Low cost cars for hire in Bankya
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