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General information about Belmeken

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Belmeken is well known destination in Rila Mountain for sportsmen and people who prefer mountain tourism. There you can enjoy unique nature and picturesque panoramas. You’ll be able to visit Belmeken hut by car hire and to hike the peak of Belmeken. You can also have relaxed fishing into the Belmeken Dam. It is interesting to note that Belmeken Dam is the highest on Balkan peninsula. The distance from Sofia is about 140 km.

Tourist sightseeing and attractions around Belmeken

  • The white rock – This area is well known by its ruins from Thracian times. There were found coins, vessels and also a Thracian temple. It is located about 25 km far from Belmeken by car hire.
  • “Stariya chark” is located close to Velingrad and is fine place for a walk with your family or friends. People of art could catch all the beautiful scenes in their pictures and photos.
  • Yundola resort – perfect place for ski vacation and exploring mountain trails to Belmeken and Chernovets.
  • The lepenitsa cave – There is definitely what to be seen in the cave: two floor galeries, underground river, as well as stone curtains that reflect into the crystal water of the cave lake.

Churches and trails

  • Sveta Petka – in route Yundola
  • Saint Ilia – in route Velingrad – Elin peak
  • Saint Nicholas – in route “Old Chark”
  • Sveti Spas – in route Velingrad – the site of “Bliznatsite” – the site “Vazova meadow” through “Katarovo dere” – “St.Spas” chapel – Kleptuza
  • St. George – in route “The Old Chark”
  • St. “Holy life accepting Source”
  • St. Prophet Iliya

Hotels in Belmeken

The most preferred hotels around Belmeken

  • VSK “Belmeken”
  • Iglika Palas Hotel – 24.8 km from Belmeken
  • yanakiev club-hotel – 25.1 km from Belmeken
  • Yastrebets Welness and SPA Hotel – на 25.1 km from Belmeken
  • Rila hotel – 25.1 km from Belmeken

Car hire in Belmeken

If you plan to visit Belmeken and have not booked your car yet, you can do so by using our reservations form. If you are traveling from Sofia, you can rent your car from our office (140 Mimi Balkanska str.)

Low cost cars for rent in Belmeken
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