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Terms and Conditions

The rates include:

  • Collision damage waiver + Theft Protection
  • Third Party Liability
  • Airport surcharge
  • 200 km daily mileage for rentals up to 30 days and 120 km daily mileage for rentals over 30 days
  • 24 hours road assistance
  • Paid road taxes
  • Replacement car in case of technical failure
  • 20% VAT

The rates exclude:

  • Additional accessories/equipment
  • Delivery/collection of the vehicle in non working hours
  • Zero excess insurance
  • Fuel
  • Penalties due to traffic law violations

Rental period:

Minimal rental period: 24 hours. If the rented vehicle is returned after the end of the period WITHOUT a notice in advance, the Renter will be charged additionally as follows: up to 4 hours – the price for 1 rental day; more than 4 hours - the price for 2 rental days, more than 8 hours - the price for 3 rental days.

Method of payment:

Acceptable credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Borica or payment in cash.

Driver’s personal requirements:

Minimum age: 23 years. Drivers must have held a full driving license for a minimum of 3 years. Required documents: passport or ID card, driving license.

Young drivers:

Drivers under 23 years or drivers with less than 3 years driving experience must pay an additional “Young driver” fee and must leave double security deposit. Minibuses (Ford Custom) can not be rented by young drivers.

Security deposit:

The Renter must leave a security deposit by card or in cash. The amount of the security deposit is different for the different car groups as follows:

Car group Security deposit by Card Security deposit in Cash
Manual gearbox
Economy (Skoda Fabia or similar) 100 € 100 €
Economy (Dacia Sandero) 100 € 100 €
Compact estate (Dacia Logan MCV) 100 € 100 €
Compact (Opel Astra or similar) 150 € not applicable
Estate (Skoda Octavia) 200 € not applicable
Estate (VW Passat Estate + GPS) 200 € not applicable
Minivan (Dacia Lodgy) 200 € not applicable
Minibus (Ford Custom) 300 € not applicable
SUV (Dacia Duster) 200 € not applicable
Automatic gearbox
Economy (Skoda Fabia or similar) 100 € 100 €
Compact (Opel Astra or similar) 150 € not applicable
Estate (VW Passat Estate + GPS) 200 € not applicable

Accessories and Extras:

  • Additional driver: 1.5 euro per day (maximum 30 euro per rental).
  • Baby seat: 4.0 euro per day (maximum 40 euro per rental).
  • Booster seat: 2.5 euro per day (maximum 25 euro per rental).
  • GPS navigation system: 4 euro per day (maximum 60 euro per rental).
  • Young driver fee: 6 euro per day, applicable for drivers under 23 years or for drivers with less than 3 years driving experience (restrictions may apply).
  • Anti-skid snow chains (purchase - remain for the customer): 25 € one-time fee
  • Mobile WiFi HOTSPOT: 2.00 euro per day.

Out of working hours fee:

If the vehicle is rented or returned in out of working hours, an additional fee of 20.00 € applies. Working hours: Monday – Sunday 09:00h – 19:00h. On official public holidays - Easter, Christmas (24.12, 25.12, 26.12), New Year (31.12, 01.01) the fee is - 09:00-19:00 - 20 €; 19:00-09:00 - 40 €.


The rates include “Third Party Liability” and basic “CDW - Collision damage waiver ”, “TP – Theft Protection” insurance with an excess. The insurance does not cover damage on wheels, tires, windshield, undercarriage and interior. The customer may purchase zero excess "Full protection" , which grants the customer the following rights:

  • Refund of the deposit in case of damage or theft, including the damage to tires, wheels, windows and undercarriage.
  • Replacement vehicle in case of damage, fire or theft (provided at the nearest office of the company).
  • Free road assistance in case of damage or fire on the territory of Bulgaria.
  • No administrative fee in case of an accident.
The interior of the vehicle is not included in any of the insurances and waivers.

Car group Full protection
(low season: 01.10 - 30.04)
Full protection
(high season: 01.05 - 30.09)
Manual gearbox
Economy (Skoda Fabia or similar) 4.00 € 6.00 €
Economy (Dacia Sandero) 4.00 € 6.00 €
Compact (Opel Astra or similar) 4.00 € 6.00 €
Compact estate (Dacia Logan MCV) 4.00 € 6.00 €
Estate (Skoda Octavia) 6.00 € 8.00 €
Estate (VW Passat + GPS) 6.00 € 8.00 €
Minivan (Dacia Lodgy) 6.00 € 8.00 €
Minibus (Ford Custom) 8.00 € 10.00 €
SUV (Dacia Duster) 6.00 € 8.00 €
Automatic gearbox
Economy (Skoda Fabia or similar) 4.00 € 6.00 €
Compact (Opel Astra or similar) 4.00 € 6.00 €
Estate (VW Passat + GPS) 6.00 € 8.00 €

Renter’s liability:

In case of damage or theft during the rental period, the excess of the vehicle is up to the amount of its security deposit. The Renter may purchase locally additional insurance which will waive his liability to nil(zero excess) in case of damage or theft.
Please note: In case of damage or theft of the car the Renter is obligated to provide all needed documents (protocols etc.) from the Police authorities and return the vehicle’s keys and documents. Otherwise the Renter is liable for the full amount of the respective damages or insurance amount in case of total loss or theft.
Lost Documents, Keys, License plate: A fine of 200 euro applies (incl. loss of CD/Radio panel). The renter is fully liable for partial theft, loss of parts, accessories.


The vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel. Fuel consumption is payable by the Renter. In case the car is returned with less fuel than rented, the missing fuel is charged 1.50 Euro per liter at the end of the rental, as well as 10 euro refueling fee.

Additional mileage:

200 km daily mileage for rentals up to 30 days and 120 km daily mileage for rentals over 30 days. If during the rental, the renter exceeds the included mileage, he has to pay the additional kilometers at price 0.05 euro/km for economy, compact, SUV and station wagon classes and at price 0.06 euro/km for 9-seater Ford Custom.

One-way rentals:

If the rented vehicle is returned to a location different from the pick-up location one way rental fee may apply. The one way rental fee is automatically calculated and applied during the booking process.

Border exit:

Cross borders are allowed to Turkey (European part), Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia on request only for classes L_EDMV, L_IVMR, L_IFMR, L_FVMR car classes. An additional administrative fee applies. The quoted fees below are for 1 country only. For each additional country a fee in amount of 50 % from the first fee is applicable. The renter should provide us with a copy of his driving license and ID card by e-mail at least 3 business days prior arrival. The required security deposit is double:

Car Class Fee Deposit by Card Deposit in Cash
Dacia Sandero 50 € 200 € not applicable
Dacia Lodgy 60 € 400 € not applicable
Dacia Duster 60 € 400 € not applicable
Ford Custom 80 € 600 € not applicable

For rent with cross border depost in cash is not allowed.

Cancellation/amendment policy:

Bookings can be cancelled or modified free of charge with at least 72 hours advance notice before the pick-up time. Cancellations/amendments completed less than 72 hours before the pick-up date and no shows are subject to a 15% fee (from the total booking price amount) but no less than the price for 1 rental day. All booking prepayments will be fully refunded if an alternative vehicle can not be provided.

No Show

In all cases of `No show`, without notice in advance, the LESSEE will receive no refund of the prepaid money and the reservation will be canceled from the car schedule. A ‘No-show’ are all cases when the LESSEE:

  • wishes to cancel but have not inform us before the rental is due to start;
  • is unable to pick up the car at the agreed time and date due to some circumstances when the LESSEE did not notify Top Rent A Car. The exception is customers who have indicated arriving by flight and have provided its number when their delay was due to a delayed or canceled flight;
  • fails to provide a valid ID and full driving license required when picking up the vehicle;
  • does not have sufficient funds to pay the full price of the reservation and / or cannot leave a deposit for the car according to the conditions for the respective class.

Extension of car rental reservation after pick-up:

In case the Lessee would like to extend his reservation, he needs to send an inquiry by email or by phone call to the Reservation department of the company. The price for extension will be calculated according to the most current price list taking into consideration the total number of the rental days. Our advice is to ask for an extension of the car rental as soon as possible in order to avoid the danger of the depletion of the availability.

When the extended rental includes cross border, a fee of 20 € is applied for extension of driving abroad power of attorney with up to 7 days. In case of extensions for more than 7 days the driving abroad power of attorney must be reissued and new one-time cross border fee according to the price list is applicable.

Important information: Upon confirmation by the Lessor of the possibility of extending the rental, the Lessee must pay the full price for the additional days in order to confirm the extension of the rental agreement. Once the payment has been made, the necessary documents will be available at the rental location of the company where the vehicle was provided for pick-up. Top Rent A Car is not responsible for the consequences in case the customer did not take the new documents.

Car model:

We can guarantee our customers only the car group of the provided vehicle, unless the selected car group during the booking process has a guaranteed brand, model or type of fuel. If the requested vehicle is not available, an alternative vehicle with the same specifications, from the same or higher group will be provided.

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