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General information about Blagoevgrad

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Blagoevgrad is situated at the foothills of the Pirin Mountain where you can enjoy rivers, lakes and mountain trails. The town is very close to Macedonia, just 25 km driving to the country border and about 40 km to the nearest city (Delchevo). The distance to Plovdiv is about 200 km and to Sofia: about 100 km. Cars Sofia offers affordable prices for long term rentals.

Tourist sightseeing and attractions around Blagoevgrad

Park Bachinovo

Park Bachinovo is one of the favorite places for a walk in Blagoevgrad. There are lots of cafes, play grounds for the children, Aquapark and covered swimming pool. After 2.5 km walk you will find out a lake where float water wheels made in the shape of swans.

National Park Rila

National park Rila is the biggest in Bulgaria, about 100 km from Sofia. This is the place where the longest and the deepest rivers on the Balkans spring out and also the highest peak – Musala (2925 m). The name of Rila means “much water”.

Rila Monastery

Since 1961 the monastery is announced as Cultural Heritage. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit that place and take a look of the manuscripts, books and documents from the 14th century – 19th century.

Melnik Pyramids

Melnik pyramids are may be one of the most interesting natural sight seeing in Bulgaria. They are very close to the smallest town in the country. They are rock formations scattered over an area of 50 square kilometers.

Hotels and Restaurants in Blagoevgrad

The best hotels in Blagoevgrad

  • Hotel Ezeretz
  • Alpha Hotel
  • Sveti Georgi
  • Bor Hotel
  • Hotel Ertancom

The most popular restaurants in Blagoevgrad

  • Vodenisita
  • Frame Bar & Food
  • Pizza Napoli
  • Restaurant Varosha

Car hire in Blagoevgrad

If you plan to visit Blagoevgrad and have not yet booked your car, you can do so by using our reservations form. If you are traveling from Sofia, you can rent your car from our office (140 Mimi Balkanska str.)

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