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Borovets is the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria, located in Rila mountain and 10 km from Samokov, 73 km from Sofia and 125 km from Plovdiv. Great ski resort with hotels, restaurants, bars and a network of ski runs and lifts. Interesting fact about the resort is that it has twice hosted World Cup Alpine Skiing rounds(1981 and 1984) and the Biathlon track is one of the best in the world.

Tourist sightseeing and attractions around Borovets

  • Rila monastery – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Seven Rila Lakes
  • Musala (2925 m) – the highest peak in the Balkans
  • Malyovitsa
  • Iskar Reservoir
  • Samokov
  • Ovcharenski Waterfall

Borovets Ski Slopes

Ski RunDifficultyLength (m)
Sitnyakovo ski trackGreen6000
Sitnyakovo 1aBlue5800
Martinovi Baraki 5Green5000
Sitnyakovo 1bRed4000
Sitnyakovo 2Red4000
Yastrebets 1Black2300
Yastrebets 2Red3000
Yastrebets 3Red2350
Markujik 2ARed1300
Martinovi Baraki 3Red1260
Markujik 3Red1240
Martinovi Baraki 4Black1240
Martinovi Baraki 1Black1160
Martinovi Baraki 2Red1160
Sitnyakovo 3Red1000
BorovetsCross Country0

Seven Rila Lakes

Very popular and the most visited lakes in Bulgaria:

  • The Tear – 2,535 m
  • The Eye – 2,440 m
  • The Kidney – 2,282 m
  • The Twin – 2,243 m
  • The Trefoil – 2,216 m
  • The Fish Lake – 2,184 m
  • The Lower Lake – 2,095 m

Hotels in Borovets

The best hotels in Borovets

  • Euphoria Club Hotel & Spa
  • Radina’s Way Hotel
  • Hotel Lion
  • Club Hotel Yanakiev
  • Alpin Hotel
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