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General information about Panichishte

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Panichishte is perfect place where you can spend your vacation in Bulgaria. It is located about 76 km from Sofia Aiport. You can rent a car from our office at T2 and take Route 181 and Route 62 to Route 6206. Panichishte offers activities not only for the winter, but for the summer as well. There is sport complex in Panichishte where can be practiced different sports like: football, volleyball and so on.

Tourist sightseeing and attractions around Panichishte

Ski tracks

Ski tracks with different level of difficulty are available to the tourists.

  • Alpine ski track – 470 m
  • Ski track for children – 200 m
  • Ski track for long run – 5000 m
  • Sled track – 1130 m

National park Rila

National Park Rila is place where you can discover different mountain trails or go hiking. So when you go there don’t forget to take your camera to capture all the breathless views, comfortable boots for the long walks and suitable clothes for the mountains.

Seven Rila Lakes
Low cost cars for hire in Panichishte

  • The Tear
  • The Eye
  • The Kidney
  • The Twin
  • The Trefoil
  • Fish Lake
  • The Lower Lake
  • Rila monastery

    It is the largest and the most visited monastery in Bulgaria, located 117 km east from Sofia. In 2008 it attracted 900,000 visitors.

    Skakavishki falls

    Skakavishki falls is one of the tallest and most beautiful in Bulgaria. It is about 53 m tall. Many tourists visit St. Dimitar church you can do so by car hire.

    Sapareva Banya

    This place is famous with its mineral springs and the hottest water in Bulgaria. It’s easy to go there by rent a car if you want to take advantage of the SPA procedures and relaxing therapies.

    Hotels in Panichishte

    Find hotels in Panichishte

    • Hotel Panorama
    • Hotel Planinski ezera
    • Hotel Magnoliya
    • Hotel Edelvais
    • Hotel Bor

    Car hire in Panichishte

    If you plan to visit Panichishte and have not booked your car yet, you can do so by using our reservations form. If you are traveling from Sofia, you can rent your car from our office (140 Mimi Balkanska str.)

    Low cost cars for hire in Panichishte
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