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Samokov was once a Roman village and now is Bulgarian ski resort, located 55 km. from Sofia and 8 km from Borovets. The name of it comes from the word “samokov” which means big hummer. Located between several mountains – Rila, Planа, Vitosha, Verila Ihtiman midforest – 950 meters above sea level. 29 km from the mineral springs in Separeva Banya, 14 km from Belchin Banya, 27 km from the spa complex in Dolna Banya and 12 km south of Dam Iskar.

Tourist sightseeing and attractions in Samokov

Mount Oak head (1127 m) which is nearby is one of the foothill slopes of Rila. This naked peak was once covered with heavily wooded oak forest, where he inherited his name. Two of the most beautiful Lakes hoarding their cool waters in this region: Yonchevo lake and Scary lake. The town is a center of winter sports : south of the town is world famous resort Borovets and tourist complex Maliovitsa located (1720 m above sea level) . There are hotels , ski slopes and ski lifts with all the necessary for winter sports. Another tourist activity that you can practice is climbing. You can choose between Maliovitsa, Orlovets, The Evil Tooth , Lovnitsa and Kamilata (The Camеl). Maliovitsa hut is the only one hut in this alpine part of northwestern Rila. See the list of another huts that you may stay in:

  • Zavrachitsa hut(2178 m)
  • Musala hut(2390 m)
  • Mechit hut(1670)
  • Shumnatitsa hut(1300 m)
  • Vada hut
  • Maritza hut
  • Chakar vojvoda hut
  • Yastrebetz hut
In Samokov are located two of the hundred tourist sites: the Historical Museum and Convent. Other sightseeing:
  • The big fountain was built in the first half of the 17th century
  • Umbrella fountain greets all guests of Samokov at the bus station
  • Sarafska house monument of the Renaissance
  • Shishmanovo kale
  • Alinsko kale
  • Thracian mounds River Palakaria

Natural attractionsLow cost cars for hire in Samokov

  • Central Rila Reserve
  • Protected area Beech Usoyka
  • The highest peak in the Balkans – Musala 2,925 m
  • Rideau
  • Prodanovski ridge
  • Lago
  • Boricho

Hotels in Samokov

The best hotels in Samokov

  • Hotel Samokov
  • Hotel Bistritsa
  • Hotel Arena

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If you plan to visit Samokov and have not yet booked your car, you can do so by using our reservations form. If you are traveling from Sofia, you can rent your car from our office (140 Mimi Balkanska str.)

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