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General information about Trigrad

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Trigrad is located in the Rhodope Mountains, very close to the border with Greece. If you choose a car rental trip to Trigrad it will be filled with breathtaking scenery and unforgettable experience. This part of the country is full of natural beauty, and the visitors of the lovely villages and small towns are hospitably welcomed by local people. If you decide to spend your holiday there you will be charmed by the local culture, customs and cuisine. Trigrad and the lands around it were settled thousands of years ago, there were discovered cave dwellings and Thracian settlements. In the area there are lots of trails for biking and for horse riding. At the end of the village is built equestrian center.

Tourist sites around Trigrad


  • The Devil’s Cave is located 1,8 km north of the village Trigrad. The entrance of the cave looks like a devil’s head, the throat of which poured huge roaring waterfall (42 m) – the highest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula. The sight of the waterfall is spectacular. The best period to visit it is the late spring and summer, when the entrance of the cave is surrounded by greenery.
  • Haramiyska cave
  • Yagodinska cave

Natural landmarks around Trigrad
Low cost cars for hire in Trigrad

  • Trigradsko gorge – it’s a picturesque protected area with many caves, the most famous of which are the Devil’s Throat and the Haramiyska. The gorge is formed by the Chairska River. It is 7-km gorge and the maximum distance between the two slopes is 300 m. The minimum distance is only 100 meters. Trigradsko gorge is good for climbing as well.
  • “Prevaletiya stone” – a natural rock arch, rising 10 meters above the water
  • Near the village you can find the protected area Chairski lakes (seven beautiful lakes)

Holidays and traditions that are celebrated in Trigrad

On the seventh of August Trigrad celebrates an event called “Orphic mysteries”. You can attend to the ancient pagan rituals, mummers’ parades and to listen Rhodope Folk Songs. This festival is celebrated every year and attracts many tourists.

The best hotels and places to stay in Trigrad

  • Arkan Han Hotel
  • Zdravec Guest House
  • Vila Chobaka

Rent a car in Trigrad

If you plan to visit Trigrad and have not booked your car yet, you can do so by using our reservations form. If you are traveling from Burgas, LowCostCars has office on the airport, in Burgas Plaza Mall or in Sunny Beach, where you can get a car on spot. Trigrad is the perfect destination for a day trip from Burgas.

Low cost cars for hire in Trigrad
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